Aerial Production.

Videography / Photography / Survey / 3D Mapping

Aerial Services.

By using the most sophisticated drone technology, we are able to capture images and footage from the sky. We have two fully CAA certified commercial drone pilots in house, both fully insured with public liability insurance. Providing services for a wide variety of clients, including production companies, corporate promotional videos, property and construction, surveying, events, television, broadcast and film.


We are one of a select few that offer aerial filming and photography using the new Inspire 2. Producing seamlessly smooth, cinematic footage up to 5.2k resolution using the Zenmuse X5s cinema camera on a stabilizing gimbal. We have upgraded our Inspire 2 to support Cinema DNG and Apple ProRes recording. This upgrade has unlocked the advanced capabilities of the Zenmuse X5s for high-level filmmaking purposes. Via a video downlink, the Pilot, Cameraman, Client or Director can have full control of the filming angles and framing.

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Capture the aerial perspective of your subject and give your marketing material the uniqueness it deserves. Offering still images at 20.8 mega-pixels RAW. We use a combination of post-production software to enhance the beautifully crisp images captured.

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Whether it may be construction sites, properties, farmland or any hard to reach structures; aerial drones have enabled surveying to be conducted with ease. With an altitude up to 400ft and a distance from takeoff of up to 500m, we are able to capture crisp aerial UHD footage and RAW still imagery of the subject. We can also program our aircraft to provide 3D image mapping of the area. This is a comprehensive and professional package of imagery and mapping tools that help surveying, construction, inspection and infrastructure companies quickly generate a working model, site visualization, analytics and plan.

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