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Video Production.

To match our skills in cinematography, we use a vast array of cinema camera equipment. We are able to produce films in 4K resolution and offer Aerial footage in 5.2K. This combined with our creative editing techniques work together to craft a final project perfect for your needs.

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Video is now an essential marketing tool for any business no matter how big or small. A promotional video is a creative and engaging technique to explain what your business does and what it has to offer. We work closely with our clients to showcase the strengths of the business, capturing and crafting a final product through a balance of creative filmmaking and precise post-production.

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By using the most sophisticated drone technology, we are able to capture images and footage from the sky. We have two fully CAA certified commercial drone pilots in house, both fully insured with public liability insurance. Providing services for a wide variety of clients, including production companies, corporate promotional videos, property and construction, surveying, events, television, broadcast and film.

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Video Training is becoming one of the leading and most effective methods of staff training. We specialise in providing multiple video techniques for training, each technique will have its own style and will be carefully chosen to compliment the type of training you are providing. From animation, voice over to talking to the camera, all of our video work is of the highest quality and precisely edited to your specific needs.

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Case Study & Events.

Interview style filmmaking is a popular technique used predominantly within documentaries however this is an effective style that can be used for multiple purposes. The direction of the narrative comes from the dialogue provided by the people that are interviewed. We have worked on multiple projects using this style. This can be produced for promotional films, documentaries and small case studies.

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2D Animation.

2D animation is a popular tool for promotional and explainer videos. This style of video is a creative and fun alternative to live action video production. with this dynamic approach, the only limit is your imagination.

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Editing Services.

If you are already in possession of the media or only require an editing service, we offer professional and competent post-production services. Using two custom-built edit suites with the full Adobe CC software, we are capable of editing footage up to 4K and above specifically for your needs.

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Showcasing your event can be more than just a written blog or social media post. A film can bring the event back to life. This can be used for advertising, social media, shareholders and attendees of the event.

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